GEMSE 2022 Regulations

The following rules and guidelines apply to all registrations for the GEMSE 2023 tour.

At the time of registration, the participant declares to have taken note and to accept all the provisions contained in these regulations.



  • The GEMSE cycling tour is affiliated with the (cycling calendar of the) NTFU.
  • The next edition of The GEMSE will take place on Saturday August 26, 2023.
  • The possible distances are:
    • GEMSE 190: 190 km with +/- 6650 vertical meters.
    • GEMSE 155: 155 km with +/- 5400 vertical meters
  • 4 climbs are included in this trip.

    • Stelvio from Prad am Stilfserjoch (all distances)

    • Mortirolo from Mazzo di Valtellina (all distances)

    • Gavia from Ponte di Legno (only 190 km)

    • Stelvio now from Bormio (all distances)


  • When registering, you declare that you agree with the regulations.

  • Participation from the age of 18 (or younger if parents agree).
  • Tickets are registered and are not transferable.

  • Register via the official website;  



  • Registration in the San Valentino village is mandatory.

  • Registration takes place on Friday evenings from 6.30-7.30 pm

  • Mandatory at the time of registration is the submission of a medical certificate of up to 1 year of age (download model medical certificate) or a valid UCI license.

  • For safety reasons, and depending on developments, a check is made for symptoms of COVID19 upon registration.


Rules for participation:

  • The Gemse is not traffic-free

  • The climbs are on the main roads

  • Outside of them you ride on parallel roads.

  • Follow cars or other transport are not allowed.
  • You are expected to clean up your waste yourself, do not throw it on the roadside


Safety comes first (seeing and being seen):

  • Bicycle helmet mandatory!

  • Lighting and reflective elements mandatory!  Not only because of several tunnels, but also in case of bad weather.


Care stations:

  • On top of the Stelvio.

  • At the foot of the Mortirolo.

  • At the foot of the Gavia.

  • At the foot of the Stelvio in Bormio.

  • There is also a mobile post on the route.



  • Guidance along the way by cars for safety and calamities.
  • There are also cars from the organization on the way
  • There is also medical assistance on the route (mobile)


Departure times + departure courses:

  • Start in Mals and finish at the top of the Stelvio or Bormio.
  • Start time: 6:00 am.


Finish and intermediate times on top of Stelvio .

  • To finish the route at the Stelvio, it is necessary to be in Bormio before 5.00 pm (measurement point of the assistance station).

  • For those not able to do the climb or descent, transport by bus back to Mals can be arranged (at cost).

The organization reserves the right to:

  • To take participants off course in case of violation of the above rules. The participant is no longer entitled to a refund of the amount. Accompanying motorcyclists and persons at the emergency posts are also authorized by the organization.
  • Cancel the tour in extreme weather or when other dangerous conditions warrant it. This includes when developments around COVID19 give cause to do so. This is entirely at the discretion of the organization. In case of cancellation, no refund of the registration amount will be made. The registrations remains for the following year.