Climbing the GAVIA


The Gavia is a challenging climb. The beginning of the climb consists of short climbs and pieces of valleys that follow one another quickly. Then the real climb begins. Through a series of curves you come to a steep section that will take you further to the top. The gradient varies between 7 and 11%. For the last part, the slope is reduced to 4%.

The road surface on the Gavia is not easy to travel. Sometimes it feels more like a mountain bike trail. This climb is therefore a real challenge on several sections.

The average gradient is nearly 8%, with outliers of 16%. The length of this climb is over 24 km and the altitude difference is 1320 meters.

You are now at the top of the third climb and you will descend to Bormio (170 km) to climb the last giant of the day, the Stelvio di Bormio.