Climbing the Mortirolo


Mortirolo, also known as "Passo della Foppa", is famous and known as one of the steepest climbs.

This climb can be described as "short" but powerful. Directly from Mazzo di Valtellina it goes towards 10% to quickly change in km 2 from 8 to 13-15% with anomalous values of 20%. You will need to get out of the saddle regularly to avoid falling. Subsequently, the climb becomes "less" steep with percentages of about 10%.

This climb often consists of narrow, winding roads in a wooded setting where the mountain experience is much desired.

In the eleventh corner, after 8 km of climbing, there is the monument of Marco Pantani, who at that time was full of a resistance of 39x22!

The average gradient is about 11%, the length of the climb is 11.5 km with an altitude difference of about 1300 meters.

After about 100 km you have reached the second ascent of this day. Now you can prepare for the descent and the way for the third ascent of Gemse, the Gavia.