Climbing the Stelvio from Prad

This climb is known in Italy as the "Cima Coppi" of the Giro d’Italia, due to its length, the 48 curves and the summit of the pass at 2758 meters! After a relatively smooth approach of about 5 km the real climb begins. The first part goes through a number of small villages. Then you cross a wooded environment where you get a lot of height. Once out of the forest you enter an open area where you can see the end point about 7 km before the summit. The heaviness of this climb will increase even more, due to the height and the number of switchbacks that take you to the top in a sort of zigzag. The average gradient of this climb is 8% with outliers at 14%.

The length of this climb is about 23 km and the difference in altitude is almost 1850 meters. Your first ascent is over and you have covered the first 50km!

Relax and continue to Bormio and then continue to Mazzo di Valtellina for the second stage. The Salita del Gemse, the Mortirolo.